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From the outside, Trillium is unassuming — a converted warehouse that appears too small to house a preK through 12th grade student body.

“The staff is tireless, and the teachers are downright extraordinary. It looks very different from traditional schools: students work together, solve problems as a community, and ‘normalness’ is not considered a virtue. Critical thinking is encouraged and kids are allowed to make choices within a structure they can thrive. I predict that Trillium will someday be revered as a leader in the paradigm shift in education.”
- 4/5 Parent 

The current funding crisis for education has been widely reported, and schools across the country are experiencing severe difficulties as a result. Trillium is no exception. What’s more, since Trillium is a charter school, we receive 20% less funding than traditional public schools. Our vision at Trillium has always been to create an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable place. To follow through on this, we need to be proactive about establishing renewable sources of funding.

As we enter our 16th year of operation, we are feeling a renewed sense of passion and idealism. Where is it coming from? It is coming from you! — from all of the voices chiming in with excellent advice and inspiration for Trillium’s future. Community involvement is climbing, with staff, parents, and students teaming up, to organize interest in leadership, preparedness, and volunteering; to breath new life into tried and true fundraisers, while launching new and innovative ones.

However, direct giving is the most efficient method for you to positively impact our future. When you make a cash, check, or online gift, 100% of your dollars stay at Trillium to benefit your child. We offer giving levels for every budget. Review them at What will the funds be used for? The funds from your donation will be put toward the areas where they are needed most. Help us fulfill these goals in 2018:

  • Technology Upgrades – Network, ChromeBooks for Students, Projectors for Teachers
  • Schoolyard and School Building Upgrades – Playground, Fencing, Garden, Bathrooms
  • Competitive Teacher Salaries
  • Field Trips and Experiential Learning Opportunities
  • Afterschool Programming


If every family gave $10 per month of 2018, we would raise over $40,000 dollars. To break it down, that could mean 250 new ChromeBooks, salary increases for every teacher, a free breakfast program, or a safer play surface. Imagine the possibilities with us, and make them happen! Since Trillium first opened its doors in 2002, we have been pooling our collective resources, and making amazing things happen. Let’s keep the tradition alive, and keep building a better future for our kids.

Ever Forward,
Trillium Staff and Board

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