Contact Information

Where is Trillium?
North Portland
5420 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217

What is your phone number?

What are your hours?
On Monday-Thursday, Lower School is in session from 8:30am-3:00pm, and Upper School from 8:30am-3:20pm. On Fridays, both are in session from 8:30am-noon. Students may be dropped off as early as 8:15am, when the front doors open.

When do I contact…

  • The Director
    Questions and requests related to: ensuring that the school is operating in safe/healthy manner, fulfilling expectations of charter and district, fundraising, meeting academic goals.
  • Heads of School
    Questions and requests related to: parent/teacher and student/teacher relations and mediations, bringing in new programs (e.g., mentorship), meeting the needs of students and teachers.
  • Student Support Specialists
    Questions and requests related to: social-emotional support for students in crisis, including engaging in mediations, CPS, restorative circles, sensory work, skills work, helping to implement positive discipline, providing support for students who are experiencing homelessness, harassment, or trauma, behavioral issues.
  • Operations Manager
    Questions and requests related to: attendance, payments, Lottery, open houses, applications, acceptances, enrollment (including pre-school), building inspections and maintenance, building rental, scheduling, lunch program, background checks, fingerprinting, drills, report cards, transcripts, graduation, PCC Bridge Program, meds trainings/tracking, DHS trainings/tracking.


If you are not sure who can best answer your question, please submit a response to our online Contact Form, and we will connect you to the appropriate contact.