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Aug 27th, 2018

Directors Welcome!

Posted by Patrice

Welcome Trillium Charter School Community


We are a collective community of learners who have been through challenging growth this past year.  This new academic year will be a test of our greatness and potential for years to come.  We’ve learned how to cope with change and have confronted some hard truths about our school’s needs.  Overcoming our challenges will bring us together for the benefit of our entire community.  This year we are going to illustrate what we’ve learned and it will be evident in our students’ performances.





A few important goals that we are focusing on this year include (but are not limited to):

- Building a more inclusive community.

- Holding the expectation of academic rigor and excellence.

- Implementing a more safe and orderly environment.

- Developing a positive home-school relationship.

- Seeking to fill vacancies with qualified applicants.

- Leading with efficiency and grace.

We communicate with families through various means including our       regular family newsletters; our Facebook page ; and at our regular, on-site    meetings.  Should you have any questions, worries, wonders, or ideas,     please do not hesitate to connect, come to Coffee Klatch, our version of  PTA: TFT monthly meeting, or during our special events.  Our updated calendar can be found here.



Thank you for sharing your amazing students’ lives with us every day!



Patrice Mays, Executive Director


Aug 27th, 2018

Welcome Back To School

Posted by Patrice

Welcome back to the 2018-19 school year.  Summer sure flew by.  The school Calendar can be found here.

Due to a scheduling conflict with the district we are modifying start and end times  in the middle and high school:

High School and Middle School will begin at 8:20 AM. They will end the day at 3:30 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

High School will  have six full day day Fridays,  They are

9/7, 10/5,   11/2,  1/11,   2/8,  3/1,  5/10.

Please plan on having your students there all day.  Again sorry for the inconvenience.