Activity Fee

To further enhance the experience for students at Trillium, we charge an annual activity fee.

2016-17 Activity Fund – $150 per student (all grades)

The Activity Fund allows for a wide range of activities.  Examples of trips/activities that your Activity Fund Payments have supported in previous years are as follows:

  • Multi-Day Campouts
  • Field trips to OMSI
  • Field trips to the Pumpkin Patch
  • Visits to the Oregon Historical Society
  • Visit to the Mineral Museum
  • Oregon Children’s Theater Performances
  • Field trip to the Oregon Zoo
  • Field trips to Oaks Park
  • Classroom parties
  • Participation in the Oregon Writing Festival
  • Trip to Ape Caves
  • Visits to the Audubon Society

Without the money raised through Activity Fund Payments we would not be able to offer such experiences to our students.  Please return this form, along with payment, with your completed 2016-17 registration packet.  If your household is unable to make the Activity Fund Payment at this time, please contact our bookkeeper at  (503)285-3833 x1012). You may also fill out the form at the following link to make payments. Activity Fund Notice 16-17 This form can be left with the front office staff, to be forwarded to the finance office.