Lottery Process

Enrollment is determined by a blind lottery process.

State law requires charter schools to hold a blind lottery for all applicants to charter schools.  No preference may be given to balance classes in any way, but there is an order of lottery as follows:

• Younger siblings of currently enrolled students may bypass lottery for kindergarten entry.
• Grade 1-5 siblings of currently enrolled students who are awaiting an opening in their grade will go through a lottery if there is more than one sibling for the same grade.  Those siblings will be placed on the waiting list ahead of non-sibling applicants.
• Non-sibling applicants who reside within the Portland Public School District will then be placed by lottery.
• Out of district applicants will be placed by lottery after all in-district residents have been placed.

The lottery is drawn in early April, and families are notified of their status via email by mid-April. Late applications are not included in the lottery, and are placed at the bottom of the waiting list in order of receipt. Trillium will admit students on a space available basis through the last day of the school year.  After this day, all students are dropped from the wait-lists.