Join the Board

The Trillium Board of Directors has a 3 member minimum, and a 15 member maximum. They recruit on a rolling basis throughout the year. Prospective members, please complete the process outlined here:

1. Send a written statement of intent to the Board, email hidden; JavaScript is required. Include information about your Trillium affiliation, educational and/or professional background, and your reasons for seeking a seat.

2. Wait for a board member to contact you about scheduling a meeting to discuss board membership in more detail.

3. Attend a board meeting to discuss your potential membership with the whole board, and to respond to their questions.

5. The board will vote to approve or not approve your seat on the board.

At this time, they are specifically recruiting for:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Professionals
    - Accountants
    - Bookkeepers
    - Attorneys
    - Fundraising Experts
    - Mortgage Industry Experts