Our Community

Trillium is a Community School.

From the origin of our school over 15 years ago, community has always been a tremendous part of Trillium. Building community takes many forms: students go on camping trips with their classmates, parents work together to help in the classroom and organize PTSA and other school events, and families gather to share in celebrations of learning and culture. Throughout the school, you will notice that people genuinely care about one another. Parents greet children in the halls. Teachers, staff, and families build connections and relationships that can be counted on in times of need or celebration.

Board of Directors

As Trillium is both a public school and a non-profit organization, it is governed by a Board of Directors. The Trillium board consists of up to 15 volunteers: including teachers, staff, parents, family members, and members of the broader community. The board is responsible for the legal and financial management of the school as an organization, while the Executive Director oversees the day-to-day operations. The board holds open public meetings the second Wednesday of every month in the multi-purpose room and encourages all interested community members to attend. Meet our board members.


Everyone in our building is committed to successfully moving Trillium students from their first day of kindergarten, to their last day of 12th grade, achieving their highest potential. Our administrators works in a variety of behind-the-scenes capacities to ensure that Trillium remains true to its mission and values, and responsive to the changing needs of teachers, students, and families. They uphold its policies and procedures, and ensure it has the necessary resources to sustain itself. Meet our administrators.


Trillium recruits and retains terrific teachers.  Our teachers have a reputation for innovation, creativity, dedication, and excellence. Many have master’s degrees, and all are committed to teaching excellence. Our teachers collaborate as a team, both within each grade level and throughout the school. They help and support each other and work together to ensure cohesive K-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Meet our teachers.


Our support staff, including our School Counselor, Learning Specialists, AmeriCorps, and Lunch/Recess Assistans, work directly with students and families on an ongoing basis, providing assessments, therapeutic support, and special education. Meet our staff.


Trillium is a school that families choose to attend because the commitment level and involvement among our parents is especially high. Parents are involved in so many ways at Trillium, spending time in the classroom, chaperoning field trips, volunteering for community building and fundraising activities, and serving on the TFT and Trillium Board. We have a strong PTSA called Together for Trillium (TFT) that financially supports student exhibitions, school building and schoolyard improvements, community celebrations, and more! Meet the TFT.