ELL Program

English Language Learners are students who use a language other than English at home. They may come from all walks of life and ages, and they are essential to the Trillium community’s commitment to celebrating diversity and embracing it as a way to deepen our educational and social justice goals.

Our Vision

“We invest in inclusive, quality instruction that honors students’ racial, cultural, and linguistic assets.”

- PPS ELL Department

Portland Public Schools, and we at Trillium Charter School, approach ELL instruction with a mindset that ELL students make our community stronger. While we do utilize the “pull-out” instruction method, where students work with an ELL specialist individually, we maintain that it is essential for students to be primarily immersed in the regular curriculum. This allows for their specific language needs to be met, but not at the expense of their integration into the community. Trillium students consistently provide a supportive and understanding environment for their ELL peers.

The Program

When student who requires ELL instruction comes to Trillium, we meet with them to learn what their experience has been at previous schools (when this applies), and plan a meeting with their parents to draft a plan.

The first step for these students is to make sure they are registered to take the different assessment tests that can help the school know what the needs will be like. Once we have drafted a specific plan, all the teachers will be informed so that they can better understand the specific needs of the student.

As of the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year, we have three teachers with expertise in ELL: one for the Lower School, one for the Middle School, and one for the Upper School. The administration is also committed to supporting the continuous training of the teachers dedicated to this role.

Where to Start

If you have a student whose native language is not English and you would like to have them work at Trillium Charter School, please email Eva Soto Perello (email hidden; JavaScript is required) with their name, language of origin, and the amount of schooling they have already had in the United States (if any). We will set up an interview with the parents/guardians as soon as possible.


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