K-12 School

Community Studies
Grades K-5

Community Studies provides a platform for safe exploration of the community. It builds the foundation of global awareness and helps link the three core study areas together. Along with solid academic instruction, students are given ample opportunities to explore art, music, movement, and drama. They explore the interconnectedness among themselves, their home, their community, and their world. The major goals of this program are to:

- Increase awareness and understanding of our community.
- Prepare future community leaders.
- Instill a desire to explore and serve the community.
- Develop life-long learning skills.

Urban Studies
Grades 6-8

Urban Studies provides a framework for expanding students’ understanding of the larger community in which they live. The middle school focuses on four areas: urban planning, art/architecture/design, leadership, and community/environment. Community service is part of each student’s education plan and students have the opportunity to explore career fields. The major goals of this program are to:

- Increase awareness of the symbiotic relationship between urban and rural environments.
- Prepare future regional leaders.
- Instill a desire to understand the various cultures and people that make up a community.
- Engage in service to the regional community.
- Develop life-long learning skills.
- Develop an aesthetic sense of the world around them.

Global Studies
Grades 9-12

Global Studies provides an opportunity for inquiry into global interdependency, relationships between peoples and nations, and multiple-identity. Students test their beliefs by analyzing multiple points of view on wide-ranging issues. In addition to required courses in rhetoric and public speaking, students spend large amounts of time in the field doing research, job shadowing, and community service. Students and staff focus on important skills, such as writing, research methods, and computer literacy.