Preschool Philosophy

We believe children are strong, competent, inventive and full of ideas to explore. The curiosity of children makes them question and research the reasons of all that surrounds them. Their learning and understanding becomes visible through many symbolic languages such as paint, dance, dramatic play, building and sculpture. The environment of our classroom plays a huge role in our work.

We listen, watch and ask provocative questions to invite the child’s understanding of the world to the surface. We give the children an opportunity to revisit, reflect and interpret their understandings of the world through play, art, and dialogue.. We work to make their learning visible to their parents and other adults as we document the depth of the children’s work. We listen closely to the children and devise means for further thought and action. The discoveries and questions of children are the springboard for more in depth investigations of their ideas in collaborative projects to be shared with other children, parents and at times the greater community. Play is at the heart of all we do! We are democratic, social constructivists, our curriculum is emergent, and we enjoy a rich and rewarding relationship with other students across the many grade levels at Trillium.