Preschool Schedule/Daily Rhythm

Our Daily Rhythm

We say rhythm, not schedule: this is deliberate and intentional! The day happens in the same order with lots of flexibility. Sometimes we want to linger in the sand box, or at the light table…

Open Exploration

Hello Gathering. We come together and sing greetings to each other, chat about anything pertinent in our community, and listen to stories while having a small snack of a fruit or veggie provided by Trillium Preschool.

Open Exploration/Project work

Lunch, brought from home

Outside,  after which 1/2 day ends

Candlelight Gathering. A quiet and restful time to relax while listening to stories and lullabies. The lights are low, the candles are lit*, and the mood is peaceful.  *Battery powered.

Open Exploration/Musical Movement Games

Goodbye Gathering with a snack from home

We offer a variety of centers such as dramatic play, painting, clay, drawing, blocks and construction, science, math, light and shadow, sensory tables, books, writing, our giant indoor sandbox and more, which change throughout the year depending on children’s interests and needs. We incorporate music and movement throughout the day, with singing, dancing, yoga, and other forms of musical and creative physical expression.

FULL DAY, 8:30am-3:00pm:

HALF DAY, 8:30am-1pm: