Volunteer at Trillium

Parent involvement is important in all schools, but because parents choose charter schools, many feel a sense of ownership that, in turn, results in increased involvement.

Trillium parents lead class and school projects, organize events, and serve on the Board. Explore your option by navigating the Support Us and Join Us menus. Then, complete the Volunteer Interest Form.

Within a week, Kay Kennett, Community Liaison, will contact you, to lay out the next steps. Get a head start by completing the Criminal Background Check Form. These are available at the front office.

Note: The background check costs $10 to complete.

Classroom & Student Support

This volunteer group is dedicated to supporting students in classrooms and on field trips, and supporting teachers in organizing project nights and potlucks, and sourcing, shopping for, or creating classroom materials. Note: Volunteers that work directly with students MUST have a background check on file).

School Building & Office Support

If working with kids isn’t your cup of tea, that doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer at a school. Support Eduardo, Building Maintenance Coordinator, with maintenance, physical space beautification, and the overall needs of the building. Or, you can stay indoors. Office-based volunteer tasks include substituting at the front desk, performing data entry, and assembling registration packets.

Events & Fundraising Support

This volunteer group is critical to raising general operating funds for the school, through support of the yearly fundraising events, Trillium in Bloom, Runaissance, and coordination of smaller donation-based events. They also ensure that everyone knows where they are supposed to be at high volume events, like the Art & Music Showcase and graduations.


Trillium Committees for the 2017-18 academic year will be comprised of Parents, Board Members, and Teachers. The goal of committee work is to get stakeholders to collaborate to move the mission of the school. Committees for the year will include: Equity, Curriculum, Events, RestorativeJustice/Discipline, Fundraising, Enrollment and Outreach, and Community Spirit. Once established it would be in the best interest to get students involved as stakeholders too.