K-12 School

Trillium provides a continuous program for grades K-12 that allows for fewer transitions for students, and engenders long-term relationships between staff, students, and families. We witness students navigate the many stages of child development, and slowly uncover a wide range of approaches to support their learning. This enables us to best support our 12th grade students, through the inevitable transition that follows graduation. Graduates go on to many different colleges and employers in the Portland area, and are highly successful.

Small School

At just under 400 students, we can promise you won’t get lost in the crowd. By breaking the school up into halls, organized by Lower (K-5) and Upper (6-12th) school, there is an even greater sense of a small school. Like the K-12 model, the “school within a school” model allows for deeper connections and a better sense of community. Trillium is able to hold community circles at the all school, Upper/Lower, and classroom levels. In circles, students  gain self-esteem, and become sensitive to the needs of others, through cooperative discussions and problem-solving. Our small size also benefits students’ education, because it allows teachers the flexibility to explore methods and techniques not logistically possible in large groups.

Alternative School

For most of our families, one of the most critical parts of choosing Trillium are the “alternative” educational philosophies that we follow. It is impossible to describe these succinctly on a website. Essentially, we teach to the whole child, using a balance of district-adopted curricula and teacher-developed curricula that is aligned to the standards. If you walk into a classroom, you will not see desks lined up in rows, but tables set up for collaborative work and floor space for class meetings and lessons.  You will hear children calling adults by their first names, and being treated as equals in the learning process with respect and support from all. In these ways, we are operating outside the mainstream.

Inclusive School

At Trillium, we are striving to create an inclusive, equitable, and intellectually rigorous culture, in which students feel welcome and empowered to reach their full potential. We affirm that no person shall, on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, be excluded from participating in, be denied the benefit of be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity. We reach out in our community to build economic, ethnic, cultural, and educational diversity in our student base.